Patricia Kramer
Artist Statement
Artist Statement
When I create my jewelry, I'm thinking about those things that please me, things that make me feel good. Feelings can be so fleeting. Making art lets me preserve some of those feelings; how it feels to see the first flower bloom after a very long winter. Using the color red to remember how warm the sun feels on a crisp, cold fall day,and admire how much detail nature puts into the tiniest creature. y father was my first art teacher, he urged me to really look at a thing, to draw what I saw. I learned to use form and color to convey what I want to say about how I feel about my subject at hand.   

I like working with polymer clay for many reasons; for jewelry, it's light weight. Polymer is available in many colors, and the possibilities for customizing color are endless. Polymer is often referred to as the great imitator, there are many techniques for creating faux bone, ivory , jade, and many other materials. It's a wonderful material for an artist who desires to work in three dimension.

It is important to me to create art that is pleasing to the eye. I prefer to focus on the beauty in life wherever I can find it. The repulsive is someone else's job.

That is not to say that one can not find beauty where others do not. In my work I use only my own original designs, some of the designs I make into molds. I also will pick up and use textures from nature. Each piece is designed, and created by me. Many pieces are one of a kind. Even when creating multiples of one design; each piece is unique, never completely identical to the next.

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